Advantages of Double Glazing Windows

Do you wonder why people replace their single glazed windows with double glazing or install double glazed windows in Glasgow in their new homes? The initial cost of installing the windows is not as low but the benefits enjoyed from the windows makes the initial cost understandable. People with UPVC windows can tell you the following benefits are worth the initial cost;

1. Energy efficiency- During cold season, double glazed windows in Glasgow form an insulation that prevents up to 50% heat loss from the home. The windows also help to capture heat from the winter sun and to increase the temperature in the house. In summer, the windows minimize the amount of sun’s rays that burn through the window when it is hot. People with double glazing enjoy lower energy bills.

2. Reduces noise – Noise from vehicles and people can be a bother if the noise levels are high. One way to curb the noise is by installing double glazing in your home. The windows reduce noise pollution by up to 60%. With such low levels of noise, your home becomes quitter, enjoyable and calmer.

3. Minimizes condensation- Old homes experience a lot of moisture on the window panes which is harmful to the window. The presence of the moisture is called condensation. The moistures act as a breeding ground for mildew and mould. Apart from mildew and mould damaging your windows, they are also a health hazard to your family.

4. Increases resale value- The windows make your home attractive and increase their value. Double glazing cost more than an ordinary window which translates to a higher home value. If your home is old and you are looking for ways to increase its value before selling it, you could replace single glazed windows with double glazed windows.

Do you want to start enjoying these benefits? Contact Windows Advice Centre today.

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