Chairlifts in Guildford – Basic Advice for Elderly People When Choosing a Mobility Aid

For a lot of elderly people with physical impairments, the thought of going to a care home can be very daunting. With age comes changes to the body and whether you struggle to climb the stairs and perform everyday tasks due to old age or condition, chairlifts in Guildford could help you get your independence back. There are lots of mobility aids on the market and in order to find one that is right for you, you ought to consider your needs, as well as the needs of anyone who lives with you. The following advice will help you find an aid that suits your lifestyle.

The Environment

Chairlifts in Guildford can be installed in pretty much any building of any size and any design. Whether you live in a small detached property or require a mobility aid in a three-bedroom residence with a spacious layout, you can rest assured that there will be a product on the market to suit you. Consider what operating speed you require based on the environment and make sure the lift doesn’t take up too much room on the stairs if you live with other people.

Power Source

Each product sold by a mobility service provider will differ, therefore it’s best to explore the power source options ahead of making a purchase. Some are fitted with a vehicle battery, which must be charged and replaced when necessary. An AC-to-DC power supply is the most common type of power source for chairlifts, because it is an energy efficient choice. The only advantage battery-powered machines really have over AC-to-DC is that should a power cut occur, the battery will store enough power to help the device function.

Control Options

Remote controls are the preferred choice of control for chairlifts in Guildford, because they can be held conveniently in the palm of the hand by the user. An alternative option is a toggle or lever, which can be moved to assist the user in stopping, starting, going up and going down. A standard joystick will be fitted on most lifts, but you might see some models with an ergonomic joystick, arm controls or a rocker switch, which is perhaps the most comfortable of the three.

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