Commercial Removals in Edinburgh

You’ve been considering a removal. So you’ve been looking into companies that do removals in Edinburgh. You’ve come across a few and you think you’ve narrowed it down to what you want exactly but now it’s time to put out your enquiry and get a quotation.

The Contact

Your first step is to contact the sales department of your local removers. Once you’ve done that they will work with you and set up a good time and date for one of their representatives to come out as assess your environment that is going to be removed. The assessment is a pretty quick process and the person who will come will have a specialty in organising these types of moves. This person will be able to make recommendations in how it will be best for you to have the removal done. He’ll be able to figure out how much packing materials you’re going to need and approximate how long the job will take to complete from start to finish. When he’s done his due diligence he’ll be able to give you a no obligation quotation on costs of services.

Removal Day

The big removal day has arrived and the office is buzzing with anticipation. Everyone is prepared to get to the new office space and get back to work. The removal company has just arrived with a group of trucks and a group of people to match. You sit back and watch as they begin the process of packing up and removing everything in the office and packing on to their trucks. It’s going much quicker than you could have anticipated. They’re very organised and it’s obvious that they’ve been doing this for a long time. You’ve been told that if necessary they will work throughout the night in order to get the job done by tomorrow morning. You’ve been told by tomorrow morning your new office space will be all set up and your co-workers and you will be able to get back to work.

The Day After

In the morning you make your way to the new office building. You’re expecting to see the removers still making their finishing touches but much to your surprise they have already finished the job. You walk into the new building and it’s completely set up and ready to go. The whole process of removal was made much less stressful by this company and you’re so glad that you didn’t try to do the move yourself.

Whether small or large, national or international, Guardian Moving & Storage Ltd have the experience and skills necessary to provide a seamless service with minimum disruption to your business.

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