Common Pump Problems and their Remedies

There are four main problems that cause water pumps not to work efficiently. The problems need immediate attention with a range of remedies, to ensure that your pump does not sustain further damage and costly repairs.

Seal Leakage – Clean system

There are cases when the seal leaks, yet the systems are clean. The breakage displays as a diametrical crack across the mating ring or the seal face. The cause of breakage comes from adding cold coolant when the engine overheats. In other cases, when the engine is switched on before adding a coolant, the seal is likely to leak. To avoid this problem, make sure you allow the engine to cool down before adding a coolant.

Casting Breakage

It occurs around the bearing point due to imbalance or vibration. In most cases, a worn out bent fan or fan clutch leads to a casting breakage. Take a careful look at the fan clutch, pulley, and belt alignment. If you notice anything that needs to be replaced, do it immediately to avoid further damages.

Seal Leakage- Dirt

This problem is characterized by mud like particles building up in the pump. When the coolant begins to leak, it leaves large deposits of calcium and rust. Highly mineralized water can cause blockage to the seal when the water is heated and allowed to pass through the system. A system with inadequate pressure allows air which leads to rust build-up. To avoid this situation you should use distilled water for your water pump in Dorset. This will help to flush the system properly.

Shaft Breakage

A shaft breakage is caused by sudden imbalance or vibration. If the engine accelerates rapidly, it can lead to shaft breakage. To guard against the breakage, make sure the pulleys are well aligned. Ensure that the pulleys are not fatigued and they are straight. Make sure you also tighten the mounting bolts.

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