Laser Cutting and Metalworking

Laser cutting may sound extremely futuristic, but it is a technology that is commonly used to cut metal in the field of industrial manufacturing. Industrial laser cutters are primarily used to cut sheet metal or other piping or structural materials. The laser is used to cut via melting, burning, or simply blowing it away. Lasers are stimulated emissions that can be used for a variety of reflective surfaces. A laser beam is then created by electrical charges inside of a container. There are several different ways in which a laser beam can be produced in order to cut various materials.

Pros and Cons of Laser Cutting

There benefits as well as disadvantages to using laser cutting in the metal fabrication process. If you use a saw to attempt to cut through metal material, the blades can be dulled over a matter of time and can no longer be used. When lasers are used to cut through metals they work at a much higher level than most industrial cutting materials. Laser cutting can produce an improved consistency when switched from each individual part. It provides a quicker production, which means much less human errors and burr-free cuts.

This means that you will waste much less materials which ultimately can save you a great deal of money in the long run. The process of laser cutting requires a cooling process in which coolant is used to circulate through a transfer system.

Types of Laser Cutting

There are three basic types of laser cutting. The CO2 laser is primarily used to bore, engrave, and to cut. ND is used for boring when there is a requirement for high energy and very little repetition. ND-YAG is a type of laser cutting that is used when there is a need for a high level of power that is needed. Most machines that make lasers consist of a laser beam, a positioning table, materials, mirrors, and a lens for focusing. There are other materials that are included such as clamps, magnets, suction cups, straps, and tabs. They are all used for different types of laser cutting and produce the best possible results.


Laser cutting is a big part of metalworking and is one of the easiest and clean ways to cut metal during the fabrication process. Many manufacturers use this method in order to produce the best materials for all of their customers and clients.
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