Looking for the Ideal Party Venue and Catering Services?

In most cases, trying to manage a party or gathering at home can be difficult as well as stressful. When you have a lot of guests attending and only a small area to work with it is almost impossible to accommodate everyone. Therefore, it’s best to keep in mind the option of holding a party at a venue. With a variety of venues to choose from it’s important to select a venue that can meet your specific requirements. If you’re looking for the ideal party venue in Bedfordshire and catering services then look no further than The Auction House.

Choices of Venues

When it comes to party venues it’s always good to have several choices to choose from. No matter how small or big of a venue you need, you will be able to find the perfect party venue in Bedfordshire. Whether it’s a birthday celebration, engagement party, or a family get together professionals will assist you in ensuring your party is a successful one. Each venue that is offered is specially designed, contemporary, and stylish. From venues that can accommodate 700 guests to venues that can hold 300 guests each venue will have a licensed, stocked bar with a selection of soft drinks, spirits, beers, champagnes, and wine for any occasion. The catering services are exceptional with delicious cuisine options of Western and Asian which is done by top-notch chiefs.

Some Venue Amenities Include:

* Full Disabled Access and Facilities

* Air Conditioning

* Projector and Screen

* Flat Screen and Large Plasma to Relay Live Coverage

* Free Wi-Fi

* Variable Stage System

* State-of-the Art RGB Lighting

* Removable Parquet Dance Floor

* PA System and Wireless Microphone

The Ultimate Party Venue

The Auction House is a reputable venue that has an in-house team of professionals who offer excellent services to their clients when they require a party venue in Bedfordshire. It’s the ultimate party venue that will be yours exclusively during the time you book it. The care and attention you receive will exceed your expectations and make your party a memorable occasion you will cherish forever!

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