Parts of an Exhaust System

Proper maintenance of your exhaust in Portsmouth is very important. Understanding what your exhaust system does can help shed some light on the importance of proper maintenance.
An exhaust system serves three main functions:

* Reduce the number of toxins in the fumes

* Moves exhaust fumes from the engine

* Reduces noise that comes about as a result of explosions during fuel combustions

In most cases, only the end part of the exhaust system can be seen, but the system is actually 3 meters long. It consists of six components but the components are determined by the fuel the car uses. The six parts include:

1. Diesel particulate filter In 2009, a Euro 5 regulation was set for cars that use diesel. They were required to be fitted with a diesel particulate filter. The part ensures that all soot and particulate matter is removed from diesel engines. The government recommends that you have this part of the exhaust in Portsmouth.

2. Exhaust manifold It guides toxic gases from the engine to the exhaust system that releases the gases on the back of the vehicle. The manifold ensures that the gas does not enter the car thereby causing harm to the passengers.

3. Silencer or muffler It reduces the amount of noise produced by the internal parts of an engine during combustion.

4. Oxygen sensor This part is located on both sides of the catalytic converter. They measure the rate of oxygen available in the exhaust system. The oxygen sensor uses this information to reduce or add fuel to the combustion process to attain the best air to fuel mixture.

5. Catalytic converter It’s located between the sensor and the manifold. Its main purpose is to convert harmful pollutant gases into less harmful gases. The gas that is released from the exhaust is less harmful as the catalytic converter cleans it to some extent.

6. Exhaust pipe The pipes link the parts of the exhaust system, and it directs gases form one component to the other until it is safely emitted outside the car.

An exhaust system contributes to your well-being as well as helping the environment. It is therefore important that you make sure that all the parts of an exhaust system are working properly. Contact us at Portsmouth Exhaust and Tyre Services for an inspection of your exhaust system.

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