Why Damp Proofing Is Important

Rising damp can cause serious damage, not only to the walls in your home, but also to other structures such as the timbers. It can also affect the efficiency of your home, as well as have a serious impact on the health of you and your family, so you may need a damp proofing course to repair any damage. The first procedure should you suspect rising damp in your home is to find a reputable company that offers damp proofing services. There are experts that provide the service of damp proofing in Brighton and they will be happy to assist you with your rising damp problem.

Let Experts Handle Your Rising Damp Issue

Damp proofing experts will come by your home and do a complete and full survey as well as advise you on what work needs to be done. They also will offer you a quote for any damp proofing work that you may need completed including any remedial work. A common damp proofing treatment is in the form of a cream that is injected at several intervals all through the walls of your home. As the cream diffuses it slowly releases a vapour that reacts to the walls brickwork, which then forms a waterproof barrier. This technique of damp proofing is very effective and it can be used equally on the external and internal walls of your home. It also will work on walls of varying thickness also, whether they are made of stone or brick. The materials in these products are extremely solvent free and low hazardous as well as non-flammable and give off almost no odours.

Solving Damp Proof Problems

Experts are great at solving damp proof problems. They know and understand the risks your home and family are in when you have rising damp. It is why they work hard in resolving the issue quickly and efficiently. After the process has been completed in your home you may need to renew the plaster or other materials on your walls. Damp proof experts will also be able to advise you on any additional work that may be need as well.

Cavitytech Systems Ltd provides complete timber treatment, damp proofing and timber repairs in Brighton, UK. Visit them online for more information.

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