Why Double-Glazing is good for your Budget and for the Environment

There are few places in the world where there is a perfect climate – and with the current changes in the weather, things are becoming increasingly unpredictable. Winters are getting colder and summers are getting hotter. And that’s before the ravages of thunderstorms, gales and other acts of nature wreak vengeance on your home. But, despite any inclement weather, using glass as a medium for building is ever more popular. This is true not only of the sweeping glass and chrome skyscrapers that now seem to dot every skyline, but also of private homes. Bringing light and sunshine into a home lifts a homeowner’s spirits and gives a sense of the outdoors coming indoors. As a result of this, more and more people are finding double-glazing a necessity in their Ascot homes – if all their windows are not well insulated, the beauty they add to a home can be accompanied by a lot of discomfort.

How much energy is lost with normal windows?

If only single pane windows are fitted, around 40% of energy loss occurs in a home. With the price of heating being one of the highest household budget items, it is clear that double-glazed windows will not only pay for themselves very rapidly, they will also ensure a far more cosy and pleasant environment. In fact, it has been estimated that heating bills can drop by as much as 50% if double glazing in Ascot is in place. As double-glazing assists climate control, it not only keeps a home warmer in winter, but also cooler in summer. Summers are becoming warmer all the time, thanks to global warming, so double-glazing would be a necessity to keep the heat both in and out depending on the time of year. You can visit here to get more details.

Why is double-glazing more effective than single glazing?

The increased effectiveness becomes obvious when looking at the process of manufacturing a double- glazed window. The process is not just doubling up and having two panes rather than one; there is a space between the two panes of glass filled with a dehydrated gas. The two panes are completely enclosed, usually with a primary silicone coating and then a further sealant, which makes the panes completely waterproof. The trapped air between the two panes is a highly effective form of insulation. Scientifically explained, the dehydrated air is less mobile than normal air, and therefore it transfers a lot less heat. If you’re conscious of the environment and don’t wish to pollute double glazed windows are the way to go. It is said that our homes are responsible for 28% of all carbon dioxide emissions. By replacing single pane windows with double-glazed windows, energy loss is prevented and these harmful emissions are reduced.

Direct Glazing has many years of experience in manufacturing and fitting high class double-glazed windows. They have an established reputation of excellence in the Ascot area.

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